Laboratory of Endless Pleasure 4

    In this game you are going to perceive yoruself as some evil genius who has build a laboratory with multiple displays, buttons and leveres for one purpose only - to have a lot of pornography on his main screen! Try unique buttons and switches to change not only the main activity but also some puny details as well. Big sausages, different sextoys, tentacled creatures (very likely from outer space) and other titillating surprises will be under your control to extend the major object of your experiments with a lot of sexual testings... or you could do it just for your own fun. Try all teh available options and once you will find the ones that you enjoy the most try them couple more times. Ofcoruse this gameplay is not xxx type but it won't ictract you from lots of anime porn content too.
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  • Added: 2018-05-01
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