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2023-05-03 00:02:54

You know that I usually support you, but now it's different.

2023-02-20 07:38:37

Same im so confused ._.

2023-02-20 07:38:01

Im so lost on wtf is happening

2023-01-27 19:09:19
Chi Chi:

Goku… I’m going to KILL YOU AND YOUR COC…

2022-12-11 07:12:49

Now chi chi we can talk about this

2022-09-11 23:37:49
Coopoboi97 :

English pls

2022-06-05 21:09:38
anonimus but spelt wrong:

man came so hard they fucking defuse

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[Yamamoto] Dai Roku Uchuu de no Tatakai!!! | معركة في الكون السادس!!! (Dragon Ball Super) [Arabic]

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